Youth Ministry Myths

Here is a small list of some youth ministry myths that I have seen in our culture:

1) I have to be young and hip

Don’t be someone that you are not.  But also don’t criticize the teen’s culture.  Take their culture as seriously as they do.

2) I have to be an extrovert

BE YOU!!! Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, loud and outgoing or quiet.  Different students feel comfortable around different personalities.

3) Holy moments are only times that we talk about God, the Bible, or the Spanish Inquisition

When adult sponsors take an interest in a student’s life and dialogue with them about it that is a holy moment

4) Students are experiencing the same things I did when I was a teenager

Remember things change.  Teen culture changes almost completely every 5 years.  And even if things never changed you don’t know what the student is going through because they are not you so they experience things differently than you would.

5) My goal is to draw students to ME

Our goal is to draw students to God

6) I must have all the answers

Our goal is not to send students off with the right answers, but with the right questions

7) I must be a Bible scholar

We are called to continually strive for more theological knowledge, but we will never know everything.  It’s ok to tell a student, “I don’t know”

8)  Bigger is ALWAYS better

It’s not about numbers.   There are benefits and downfalls of both big and small numbers.  We are called to adapt to whatever size we have to work with.  Remember, every single student is important, and this ministry is worthwhile even if we just help one student.

9) I know the student’s entire story

Always have the mindset that there is always something else going on that you are not aware of.


I know that there are more out there.  Feel free to add some that you have experienced in the comments section.


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