Communication in Youth Ministry: Part 2

We all know that communication is important in youth ministry.

The problem is that we all have different ways that we prefer to receive and give out information.  In our youth ministry we try to communicate to students and parents through many different mediums.

This is the second of 3 posts about different ways that we communicate with students and families in our particular youth ministry.  This first post covered communication outside of the church, this post covers communication during our youth services, and the third post will cover communication during our Sunday main services (or “big church” as some people call it).

Here are some of the ways we communicate with students during our youth services:

1) Announcement PowerPoint slides before and after youth services

We do not have a separate hang out area from where we have our youth services.  So we have a lot of time to put up information on the screen for the students to see before and after services.  Our regulars may not look at them as much, but I think that they are very important to keep new students informed, and give them a picture of what our ministry does.  We always include information about other services, events coming up, ministry opportunities  where the bathrooms are, and who they can talk to if they have questions.

2) Announcement Videos during the service

A few years ago we started shooting videos for our announcements because when we did verbal announcements they took too much time during our services, and the students were bored by them.  Videos gave us the opportunity to make them shorter, and more creative to keep the students attention.  We started doing video segments called “Announcements with Tanner”.  Tanner was the student in charge of doing announcements.

Here is an example of one of those videos that we made:

Yes they were silly and a little cheesy .  But we had fun with them, and it became a big part of our midweek services.  When Tanner (the student who did the announcements in the videos) graduated we did a montage video of all of the weird places we shot our “Announcements with Tanner” videos.

Here is that montage video:

Since then we have started doing  “Underground News” segments, and we use random people to shoot them.

3) Information counter in the youth room

Photo Feb 16, 8 50 48 AMA central place for information, sign up sheets, permission slips, etc. is a crucial part of a youth space.  Our info counter is the first thing the students come to when they enter the room.  It is not cluttered so that they can easily see all of the information on the table, and we always have at least one adult running it in case they have any questions.  The info counter is also where we have the students sign in so that every student has to come to the info counter.


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