Communication in Youth Ministry: Part 3

We all know that communication is important in youth ministry.

The problem is that we all have different ways that we prefer to receive and give out information.  In our youth ministry we try to communicate to students and parents through many different mediums.

This is the last of 3 posts about different ways that we communicate with students and families in our particular youth ministry.  This first post covered communication outside of the church, the second post covered communication during our youth services, and this post will cover communication during our Sunday main services (or “big church” as some people call it).

Here are some of the ways we communicate with students and parents during “Big Church”:

1) Bulletin Insert in the Sunday’s Bulletin

Here is an example of what ours usually looks like: Bulletin Insert 030313

2) An info Kiosk in the back of the sanctuary

Photo Feb 17, 12 40 01 PMI used to try to have parents meetings, but hardly anyone ever showed up.  I talked about my frustration over this to a colleague and he suggested that I take the information to them by setting up an info table in the back of the sanctuary.  That idea has progressed to what is now our info kiosk in the back of our church sanctuary.  It has calendars, event info, permission slips, etc. that the parents need access to.  It is also set up conveniently on they way out of the doors of the sanctuary.  This has become a great way for the parents and students who are visiting on a Sunday to see what is going on in our ministry.

3) And of course personal verbal conversations when needed

Between services is a great time to connect with parents and students that may only come to “Big Church”.


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