“May the Fourth” Be With You!

Happy May 4th!!!!  I am a big Star Wars geek. So, in honor of today being May the 4th,  I thought I would write a post based on a wise statement from Yoda from “The Empire Strikes Back” (my favorite of the Star Wars films).

When Luke is being trained by Yoda to be a Jedi, Yoda instructs Luke to do a task that Luke sees as being impossible. Yoda asks Luke a simple question, “judge me by my size do you?” That is a question that those of us in youth ministry could benefit from asking ourselves.

“Judge me by my size do you” Youth Ministry Questions:

1) Do we judge the effectiveness of our ministry by the numbers?

Numbers are such a relative decider of effectiveness.  It is not always accurate to what is really going on in a ministry.  I am amazed at how often I am still asked how many students we have in our youth ministry.  Big is not necessarily better, just as smaller is not necessarily better.  Our calling as youth ministers is to be faithful in the setting we are in whether it is with large numbers or small.

2) Do we focus on who isn’t there instead of who is there?

Imagine you are a student, and you arrive at a youth ministry event and you hear your youth leader ask, “where is everybody?”  How would that make you feel? What is that youth leader telling you? They are saying that you don’t matter.  I know that none of us really mean that, but that is the message that we convey to the students there when we ask this HORRIBLE question.  This question adds to the negativity at the event, and makes the students who did show up feel like they don’t matter.  Every student that shows up is a blessing, and we need to convey that to them.

3) Do we make our ministries dependent on our own abilities instead of trusting others on our ministry team?

It can be very easy to fall into the trap that our ministries are dependent completely on us.  And that may be the case, but if it is then we have made it that way.  We cannot have a healthy youth ministry if we do not delegate responsibilities to others on our ministry team.  The ministry won’t be healthy because it can only grow as big as you, and you will eventually burn out.  Even if someone doesn’t do something as well as you would, it is important to delegate it anyways if you want your ministry to grow.

4) Do we act like our ministry is about us or God?

We are not the Holy Spirit.  We cannot save anyone, only the Holy Spirit can do that.  Our job is to simply create space for the Holy Spirit to work in student’s lives.  Youth ministry is not about drawing students to us, but to a loving creator!


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