QR Codes

IMG_0283I love these codes! If you don’t know what these are they are called QR codes and you can easily make one with a bunch of different free apps.  Here is the one that I usually use: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/qr-code-maker/id513617634?mt=8.

What is great about these codes is that you can make them very easily and anyone with a smartphone, ipod touch, or tablet can scan them and be sent to any picture, message, or web address that you choose.

These codes have become a great ministry tool for advertising.  I put them in our youth ministry’s section of our church bulletin.  Yes, they work even after being copied a bunch of times on a cheap copier.



These codes  are also great in creating a sense of curiosity.  To advertise an event that I run for our district (called YES: Youth Equipped to Service) I had a shirt made with just a QR Code on it.  The code sent people to the YES website.  The curiosity was very high, and when I did my presentation and told them that they could scan my shirt to go to the website you could here the “wow”s in the crowd.  People were stopping me all throughout the day to scan my shirt.  This made them more of a participant in the advertising and was different then they are usually told about events and information.


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