Teaching Series Recap: “Facebook Official”



Every 2 years we do a teaching series on relationships and dating at during our midweek service.  This time we called it “Facebook Official”.  I got the graphic and title idea from downloadyouthministry.com because I thought that it was a good title and theme.  However, I did not use their teaching notes.

Here is a description and disclaimer that I posted on our parents blog about it before we started the series:

Some things to let you know about this series: I understand that each student is in a different place developmentally so I try to paint a large picture with specific examples to get them thinking. I tell them that for many of them this will be helpful for when they start dating down the road. I also do not believe in turning youth group into health class. So we will not be having “the sex talk” or anything like that. I believe that it is best when that talk is done by the parents privately (so PLEASE do not depend on the schools to do it). I also stress every week that even though we are talking about dating that does not mean that they should be dating at this point in their lives, and that they are to listen to their parents rules on when they can date.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


Here is an outline of the series:

Week #1: Relational Beings 

We are relational beings created by a relational God. We were created to be in relationships: friendships, family, marriage, etc. However, relationships can be messy. This week we will be looking at how God created us, and why he cares about our relationships and dating lives.

Week #2: Love Languages

We all have a love language that affects how we receive love and show love to others. This week we will have the students take a love languages survey for them to find out what their love language is, and then explain what each one means. I encourage parents to ask their teens what their’s is after this week, and dialogue about what that means. This is very helpful for families in communicating and showing love to each other. (we will be using the survey from “Love Languages for Singles” by Gary Chapman. Check out that book if you want more insight into this week).

 Week #3: Boundaries 

This week will we talk about the importance physical and emotional boundaries in relationships. We will talk about the dangers of pushing “how far is too far” for current and future relationships, and how you need to have boundaries in how emotionally you get involved as well. This week we will talk about the dangers of porn, but we will not go into detail for the sake of the younger students.

Week #4: What Healthy Dating Looks Like 

Dating almost seems like a dirty word today, but it doesn’t have to be. This week we will go over what healthy dating looks like, and how to decide if you are ready to date.


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