12 Days of Christmas: Day 3 “Word Cloud Gift Idea”

wordle example.001

Every year my wife and I host a Christmas party for our adult volunteers in the youth ministry.  This is just one way that we try to make our volunteers feel appreciated for all that they do.  I also get them a gift every year with the youth group logo on it, and in the past I also got a silly gift for each of the them as well.  We would often play a fun game to see which silly gift each of the them received.  This year I got them something different in place of the silly gift.

A few weeks before the party I gave a bunch of our students a paper with all of the adult sponsors names on them.  I asked the students to write down as many words as they could think of to describe that adult leader.  I then compiled the lists and made a word cloud using http://www.wordle.net for each adult leader.  I then added the leaders name, printed them out, and framed it.  When I gave them out to the adults many of them got teary-eyed.   These were very meaningful for our adult leaders, and gave them a taste of the impact that they are making in the students’ lives.

For mine I used http://www.wordle.net for the word cloud.   I have also heard that http://www.tagxedo.com is good too, and you can create the shapes of the word clouds yourself.  However, I have not used this site myself so I do not know from personal experience.


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