Why we teach about other religions in youth group


In our youth ministry we are finishing up a teaching series on world religions.  This has been a great series and it has created great dialogue with the students.  It has not just created great dialogue about other religions, but about Christianity as well.  It has created such a buzz that adults in the church have asked if they could sit in.  Some may think that it is odd for us to teach about other religions in youth group.  I believe that it is very important to cover at some point during a student’s time in youth group.  Here are the reasons that we gave our students and parents for why we study other religions:

1) You can learn more about your own faith through the study of other religions.

2) It is always healthy to know where other people are coming from.

3) We cannot minister to others if we do understand where they are coming from.

4) There are things that are godly in other religions, and we need to celebrate those things as “bridges”. However, just because part of a religion is correct does not make the entire religion correct. Its’ important to see where we agree and where we disagree.

And, yes, You can do this and still remain a good Christian who loves and worships Jesus


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